“Me & Dymatic”
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“Me & Dymatic”
Khan, Meer Md Rasel

Training is about to come to an end, if i review this time, busy, sometimes little nervous, sometimes confuse.  At the very beginning, sometimes I took little time to understand some technical Chinese terminology  but after few days , starts learning more  and more , overcome  little nervousness  & confusion as i adapting with environment.

At first when I heard about the“金沙澳门www.6165.com”I tried to get some info about company through internet. Finally I got info but interesting thing is “金沙澳门www.6165.com”translated in English I found “German –American”   Company. As per my translated English meaning I asked some of my friends did they know about “German-American” company or not. But no one do not know about “German-American “company. I realized something may wrong with my translation about company where this company yearly turnover is $ 200 million so people will must know about this company.  Finally with help of my Chinese friend I came to know about the English name is Dymatic. He also explained me the meaning of “金沙澳门www.6165.com ”that “德”came from “Shun -de’ and “美” is beautiful. Finally the real meaning of “金沙澳门www.6165.com” is, the company is the Beauty of Shunde. All of a sudden impression of that name is becoming clearer. 

In Dymatic during this period of time, I met a lot of surprised:  first time I saw a company to work without punch; first time I saw a communication between the colleagues of the company so sincere; I saw to work of all the people in the company of a conscious, proactive work; feel the harmony of colleagues and team; the first time feel for work colleagues are positive and without reservation as friends. I saw a lot of the first time, also felt the lot for the first time, may we all take for granted, but these still let me feel shocked, perhaps this is the charm of Dymatic, which is the company's culture, this is the "identity". "Dymatic identity, career identity, self-identity, customers agree, counterparts agree with" which is already deep into the beauty of everyday   life, perhaps this is the reason for the rapid development of Dymatic.

Through several instructors training, I have a deeper understanding of Dymatic. Dymatic  have "become a world-class fine chemicals company" vision, "work together to create, share the future, work happy, happy life" values, but also has a perfect training system and smooth career path. And the deepest impression is the development of enterprise development, for the industry to bring progress". Training, teachers through different angles and methods trying to nurture us, with some summary of his own experience and personal experience, from a practical point of view. Summarize the fault, so that I in the future work to avoid detours, can as soon as possible into the work, from their training I feel deep concern and hope. And at the same time, I feel, the Dymatic culture is not a slogan it’s a summary of the past, is the grand goal of a real future development can be achieved.

During this time of training, I recognized Dymatic growth.I am familiar with the growth of not only the product, as well as their ability and the pattern of increase.Comprehensive, serious, cautious approach to know why they know these are the most important asset I get from the training.This is my direction after hard work to improve their own standards. In the life  period of struggle is most needed, I desire in the wider world to expose their talents and desire in the road of life is a success, a period of glory, more eager to walk with me this glory with Dymatic. So I believe with the help of colleagues, work as a team for the company, in the future I will be able to success.

My journey just started with Dymatic, in the the future I will be the witness of growth and success of Dymatic. My best wishes for Dymatic flourish, to create new brilliance!

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